"...my heart could not stop fluttering, and my body was alive, present in anticipation, fantastically real..."



Aeolus is a singer-songwriter whose music is, at the forefront, lyrical and honest. Rooted in soul, jazz, world and classical music, his voice is rich yet vulnerable, his writing poetic yet frank, and with every note and phrase he sings, he gets closer to rising above his fears. He sings himself free, and he writes himself whole, all the while stitching the fabric of his being into his music. He began his musical career writing original pieces for theater, most notably for a truncated production of August Wilson’s Joe Turner’s Come and Gone in Washington D.C., and has recently contributed original music to Coco, a short independent film about drug addiction. Using his songwriting background as his platform, he is launching into a career as a singer, with plans to perform and release an EP in 2017.




I said I would never find anyone to love me

That my destiny was to be lonely 

And if I didn't make a change,

I'd have no one to blame,

But silly ol' me who foolishly

chased love regrettably

I used to stand tall, now I'm on my knees



Waiting for your love

Like the summer's day waits for rain

Wanting to feel your heat

Like a summer breeze in December

But your love is gone

And mine is whistling through the trees

With the hope of love again

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