I Cannot Come Back to You Now

In the days of foretold myths and froward dreams,

I hoped that I’d find love in you,

A love, rich and hot,

To make me strong,

Ground my will, and keep my heart from growing cold

In the wind.

Oh, how I did dream of this,

That our love would curb my fancies still,

And disappointments would last just a moment

In the face of our love.

But those dreams grew rot like sickly trees,

Served only to disillusion me.

I suffered the price to wake up,

To see my hopes in ruin on the floor,

Dreams dashed like smashed pumpkins deplored,

Like martyrs with no heaven in sight.

I was moved, yet I moved and moved along;

And, now your love springs at my door,

A new flower, strange, regretful in hue.

Your love hushes pass me while I sleep,

A wave crashing on a distant shore;

If you only knew how I much weep

Recalling the dawn when you were gone,

But I cannot come back to you now.